backaroo with a tattoo

YA GAL JUST FINISHED HER FIRST YEAR OF UNI!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Last week was intense af but no exams really makes up for it now. Contrary to the memes, I think this year has gone well and I’m so ready for it to end — just to keep it the way it is and to see what next year brings!


So as always, I haven’t posted in FOREVER (except this time, a whole semester has started and finished lel), and aside from finishing my first year, here is what has happened:

  • STARTED MY NEW JOB!!!! Love it + emphasises my lack of regret for quitting the last one! It just makes such a big difference when you work with sane people that show their appreciation in a genuine manner. Also when I left, I was told to tell crew that I was “onto a new adventure” – which was/is true, I am on to bigger and better things, but NOONE TELLS JO WHAT TO SAY, and if anyone ever tries to tell me what to say again, there is a good chance I will say the opposite thing, especially when I have no respect for them. Not that I’m stuck in the past or anything lel that sounded lowkey grudgy angsty


  • Speaking of bigger and better things, I also got another gig in helping manage a cool cool brand. Haven’t OFFICIALLY started, so more on that later!


  • Injuries included:
    • getting bitten by a dog lel — it took a month to heal!!! Ahh, at least its funny / a good convo starter
    • slipped on a mossy rock at the wharf at night — never been more thankful to be young bc I most probably wouldve broken a hip or something
    • got a thumb bruise from putting the cover back on the detagging magnet at work
  • GOT MY FIRST TATTOO!!!!!!!! 😬 I guess its been a long time coming, but it was definitely 11/10 spontaneous. The process from finding out a classmate was tattooing in the back of the classroom  -> deciding what I wanted -> getting it = took less tan an hour! #mems4lyf haha how chill our classes are are the reason why I love uni more than most people


  • Finished watching ‘The Office’! ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER! And the actors irl are super cool as well. Ed Helms gave this super inspirational speech at Cornell as well.
  • Jane the Virgin is BACK! Another one of the BEST SHOWS EVER.

And I guess everything else pales in comparison to those few events. But the hangs with friends has always been nice, the little moments that just brighten up your days/weeks/months. 💕

Despite this blog being called ‘nostalgic mojo’, (and this is an idea someone else gave to me), nostalgia is such an illusion. I think I really understood how you can look back on your ‘best’ moments and wish to go back, fogetting the bad, and when you think about it more, you realise how misleading that nostalgic thought is. And as cheesy reflective a this sounds, it’s so important to just appreciate the present and appreciate your feels. Respecting your own feels is something gnash has taught me in a way, and it relates to my tattoo, because there’s always two sides to every moment. There is no good days without the bad days to make them good.  :):



keeping up with jo (bc she posts infrequently)


Ahh it’s been so long (AKA nearly 3 months) I don’t know where to start so I’m just going to go through my camera roll to upd8 this lame ass blog lel + I guess that just shows how much of a busy bee I am (jokes I’ve been watching The Office which is definitely up there in my all time favs list). GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST POST THIS BLOG HAS EVER SEEN:

  • Well for starters I spent $40 on chai tea. SO MUCH FOR SAVING TO GO TRAVELLING! IMG_9356.jpg
  • I’ve been wearing and tearing (I lied, I’m not tearing) this red jumpsuit because it’s one of my favs, and a few months ago, when I was on my way home from yoga, this lady was like “if times ever got tough, you can use your pants as a shower curtain!🚿” and I was like 😉 and now it’s all I think about every time I look down at my shower curtain eyelets haha. But it’s also a fav because I feel like I have a new love for all types of jumpsuits ever since I started wearing this one? idk it’s just one of those pieces where you don’t need to think about what you’re going to mix and watch with bc this + sneakers = comfy + mindless dressing 

    wearing: jumpsuit from Vale denim / bag from PAM / coat from Europe bought at the markets / Adidas and converse shoes / tie dye jacket from Emma Mulholland

  • I cleaned out my wardrobe and FOLDED EVERYTHING so well but it’s been two months and it’s gone from 10/10 organised to 5/10 again, still better than before tho 
  • Looked after this orphaned bby possum for like three hours! 
  • Finally sewed and made my own dress/tunic for SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS  IMG_0999IMG_1092
  • SPLENDOUR! 🎶 Ahh Byron was amazing in an acai bowl kind of way — refreshing! (lel) pictures = 1000 words so: IMG_1088wearing: dress or tunic made by yours truly / bike shorts from lasskaa / Dr. Martens / necklace from Byron Bay
  • I tried reading bc I listened to a Ted talk about how reading is like gold mining, and you find hidden gems of knowledge, and as obvious as it sounds, these gems sort of make you smarter because in our standardised world, pretty much no one is unique and if you’ve had an idea, then someone else has probably had it too so if you read about it then you can further develop your own ideas — but then again the less you know about something, the more you think you know about it <— hard to explain but my lecturer said it and I was like dayum that’s actually so true if you think about it IMG_0934IMG_0930
  • Went to The Internet!! 🎶 Syd tha Kid is such a beautiful human being + role model and so is everyone else in the band, they’re the real squad goals imo IMG_1369.jpg
  • Got 2/4 piercings taken out 😥 last photo with them #rip IMG_1550

Now I’m back at uni and am about to be bombarded with assessments… Like today, I literally slept for half an hour and did my essay from like 1am until 3pmish, took a few breaks to watch some of The Office, but omg that was only the first one of many to come!!! And then I took a nap, which is why it 2am right now and I’m wide awake questioning my life goals and typing this long long post. helllooooo another messed up sleeping pattern! New week new me after this weekend! Until next time JC OUT IMG_0720.jpg

firsts & lasts

Wowee since my last post, I’ve had the last of a few things:

  • my first ever uni classes & assignments 😢 I didn’t even think I’d actually miss everyone like tbh I never even talked to some people but i think by the end, everyone’s vibes worked so well together and I’m 11/10 going to miss that, but hey I’ve got another four and a half years to go, I’m sure I’ll see them here & there! but one of my design teachers especially = 11/10 what I aspire to be when I’m old (minus the teaching bc I don’t think I can handle marking everyone’s work)IMG_8946IMG_9069
  • sidenote: for one of these assignments I interviewed Zeke’s Lunchbox 😱 omg writing that was the hardest thing ever bc I HATE listening to myself and she was an 11/10 cool cat and I was me lel 
  • I HAD MY LAST SHIFT!! Until this week, I didn’t realise how unnatural it would feel for me to not have a job. With that being said, I feel like my last shift didn’t exactly make me regret my decision which is :): I have been working part time for three years and the last two times I took annual leave was for my HSC + the first week of uni so HELLO TO A BREAK AND NEW START

With the endings also come with the new things (especially now that I have more time!!) eg.:

  • I went to the MCA ART BAR lel and for the first time ever my dart actually popped one of the paint balloons 👏IMG_8934
  • I found a $1 Cold Chisel tee at Reverse Garbage (I know I don’t listen to them but XL tee + I just like it = $1 bargain 🤑 more bargains inc: ’33’ tape (lucky number what are the chances?!) IMG_8730
  • First uni final exam which I need to study for right now bc as I previously said somewhere, IT’S ON A SATURDAY MORNING WTF how is that even allowed -.- also bc I haven’t read the readings since like week 2 lel woops at least I went to most of the lectures
  • I filmed a week of vlogs for a compilation bc why not
  • used the tool room for the first time at uni and am actually so inspired to start making things!! 🔨
  • not exactly a first but I finally had time for things like the roller disco & end of session party at uni ⛸ dayum do I miss skating!!!!

PS most worn shirt + fav socks atm:

wearing: shirt & socks from house of cards // vintage skirt from the markets


So I’m finally updating my bloggity blog while I’m sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office lel. Haven’t been here since that time I fainted on my 18th ahaha. 

Last week I handed my resignation letter in! I feel like it’s one of those things where logically it makes sense to stay, but then again my instincts were telling me to go. (“always trust your gut bc if it can handle your meals it can handle your feels” — gnash). Also I am so sick of people asking me why I’m quitting, I have given so many different reasons to different people but really it came down to me evaluating the things I was doing in life and starting to change what I wanted to change (this article really hit the nail) I am beyond appreciative of the people I have met and the experiences, but at the same time I’m so excited for what is yet to come!

On Monday, I found out about a Helvetica documentary which was suave. I love seeing people being so passionate about a font, my inner typographer gets just as excited.  Worth being late to tutorials for 🤓

I went to MBFWA and:

  • dressed and helped backstage for Akira! I got assigned to Dani and dayummm she cool IMG_8567IMG_8568
  • watched Bianca Spender
  • watched DI$COUNT UNIVERSE! yaz, DU was amazing like I knew they would be. The whole room was goals galore 💙💙💙 blue glitter runway + groovy hair = solidIMG_8234IMG_8325
  • met Mark Hunter AKA THE COBRA SNAKE!! made it onto The Cobra Snake!! even though I’m in my volunteer shirt I can’t believe I’m in the album + he gave me a necklace to add to my cobra snake collection 😍😋 dayumm he was cool tooIMG_8541

What else has been going on:

  • I’ve been reading articles by Rosie Dalton on Catalogue about fast fashion and I am loving what she says, eg. Being Ethical in an Unethical World: It’s Complicated
  • Which brings me to my dilemma: every time I see something from Gorman in my wardrobe, I feel super conflicted because I love the stuff I have but I don’t want it to seem like I’m proudly parading my support for them? but then told me that it’s not like I knew they failed everything when I bought from them but still… 😔
  • Drowning in assignments, most of which I have a bunch of ideas for but really I just need to get started on the ASAP!!!
  • This is me being late to uni (bc above mentioned docco) – note to self: get mirrored windows when I get a house


most worn item this week: A.P.C. windbreaker that folds into a bumbag + Insight jeans

groovin the moo 2k16🐮

Just found an old notebook with my passwords from year 3, one of these being for my *taken down bc piczo is no longer a thing* piczo page: lel guess I was making blogs since ’06! I remember being super excited over using a glitter heading ahaha, wish it was still up for the throwback lols.

Went to Groovin the Moo on Saturday!! I went two years ago in Canberra and that was gr8, so was this year’s + the wristband matched my shirt so that was steezy!




oh yeah, and we went in a sling shot!! 3D video irl feels

crew pic insta


ootd 2 (1)

Also I finally got me some lasskaa bangin bike shorts! They’re so beyond perfect, I keep buying oversized tees like this one (tbh I just buy the same clothes over and over) and;

oversized tee + shorts + me = “are you wearing pants?”


oversized tee + jeans + me = puffy when I tuck it in (+how much to tuck in?) / awkward looking when its all out


oversized tee + leggings + me = “omg she’s one of those people that wears leggings as pants”

guess whos back? my bae (bae = laptop)

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK YESTERDAY MORNING!!! This is pathetic how reliant on my laptop I am. And as for that essay, it got submitted at 3:46pm during class when it was due at 4pm #cuttingitfine !! The whole top half has been replaced, so I was quite the psychic octopus when I had only put stickers on the bottom! (bc i secretly love the minimalist look of a bare macbook but at the same time I’ve always admired the stickers people stick on their macbooks lel). Second chance to not get any bumps on the edges 😁

Also yesterday I found out about my exam timetable and I only have one exam 🎉!!! Except its on SATURDAY AT 8:45 AM. IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED?! WHY WOULD YOU MAKE AN EXAM ON SATURDAY MORNING!? THE EXAM PERIOD GOES FROM 10TH-27TH JUNE, OF ALL DAYS SATURDAY MORNING. Whoever chose that has a cruel soul 💀

IMG_7360IMG_7352IMG_7336 (1)

On a brighter note, today I went to Humming Puppy, THE BEST YOGA PLACE EVER! I am semi new to yoga and I feel like it has really helped me gather my life together (bit by bit). Like it helped both physically and mentally, 11/10 would recommend + the vibes and facilities at Humming Puppy are on fleek 👌 Mantra for the week: get rid of unnecessary things to make room for the new





whats up whats down

guess whos laptop broke a week before their 2000 word essay is due? me!! and also the other day I lost my wallet but then after an hour, a stranger (legend 11/10) messaged me on facebook and told me that he had handed it in to the police 🚔🙌 

So I’m typing this on my phone lel. I guess this will be interesting; my 7-10 days without bae when I haven’t even started my essay 😏

Bit late but here are photos from a trip to the art gallery 🎨 + lunch at Devon Café


    wearing: dress from Rollas / bag from PAM / adidas gazelles

 apple stairs are goals